Histology Team

Histology Team

Finn Pathologists has a long standing history in veterinary histological processing and interpretation. Over the years it has grown and developed and is currently the best it has ever been. The laboratory itself is made up of a small team of highly skilled laboratory technicians, trained to process hundreds of samples a day from a wide range of pets, farm animals and exotics received from veterinary practices, farms and wildlife parks both nationally and internationally. From endoscopic gut biopsies to entire limbs, liver tru-cuts to bovine brains, even entire seahorses, we’ve seen it all.



April Clarke

Head of Histology

April has worked at Finn Pathologists since August 2011 after completing her studies in Biomedical Science at Kingston University. She became Head of Histology in March 2014 and has helped oversee the implementation of digital pathology and various other changes within the lab. Ensuring the quick and accurate processing of histology samples is April’s priority to give our clients the best service possible.

The histology lab offers a wide range of diagnostic testing, to enable our histopathology team the best chance of achieving an accurate diagnosis. Standard H&E (haematoxylin and eosin) staining, special staining (including ZN, PAS and Giemsa) and decalcification of hard samples such as bones and teeth, are all routine tests the lab staff are trained to deliver to get the best out of each individual sample. We also carry out immunohistochemistry staining (with a wide range of antibodies available), provided at an additional charge, with testing being recommended to the vet by the reporting pathologist.