BioHaem and Cytology Team

BioHaem and Cytology Team

The Finn Pathologists Biochemistry, Haematology and Cytology department is made up of a team of highly motivated and skilled laboratory technicians, offering a same day turnaround service on a range of diagnostic tests. The department has a team of clinical pathologists working alongside the technicians, overseeing abnormal results and completing cytology and pathologist haematology reviews.


Laboratory Manager

Samantha Stannard

Head of BioHaem & Cytology

Sam joined Finn Pathologists as a histology technician in 2003 where she quickly showed her diversity, by working in each department as part of our in-house, cross-training scheme. Sam found her niche working as a biohaem technician in 2006. As well as completing advanced training in chemistry and haematology, Sam studied Life Sciences and Management with the Open University in her own time and gained the position of laboratory manager in 2010. Sam now manages two departments, which consist of a large team of laboratory technicians and technical support officers who specialise in biochemistry, haematology, cytology and MiLab Diagnostics in-house analysers.