The range of services in microbiology includes faecal and skin parasitology, aerobic and anaerobic culture, fungal culture, dermatophyte culture, antibiotic sensitivity testing, mycoplasma culture and culture for Dermatophilus, Actinomyces & Nocardia.

The Finn Pathologists Microbiology department is made up of a team of highly motivated and dedicated laboratory technicians who have experience of identifying pathogens in companion animals, farmed animals, equines and exotics.

Our disk diffusion antibiotic sensitivity testing offers the flexibility to tailor our panels to best suit the case in question. If you are not sure if we can test for a particular antibiotic, just ask. We have a wide range of disks in stock and can normally source those that we don’t stock. Minimum inhibitory concentration determination can be arranged on request at an additional charge.

We routinely assess Staphylococci for inducible resistance and the presence of Methicillin resistance and are able to test for resistance mechanisms in enterobacteriaceae.

We also offer environmental testing which is a useful tool in assessing the effectiveness of housekeeping protocols and infection control procedures.

Finn Microbiology participates in a range of external proficiency testing schemes provided by the APHA quality assurance scheme. This means our processes are regularly tested to ensure they are up to standard.

We are more than happy undertake specific research requests, just contact the laboratory with the research proposal and we will see if we can help.