Clinical Pathology

Clinical Pathology

Cytology samples are processed by our trained technicians. The samples require a different process depending on the site of extraction and the sample type. Fluid samples have a smear made and are taken to our team of pathologists for reading.

Mast Cell Tumour Fine Needle Aspirate

Pleural, ascetic, pericardial and abdominal fluids all require a cell count, Total protein, albumin and globulin test as standard. Joint and synovial fluids have a cell count and total protein and CSF fluids have a nucleated cell count and urine protein performed.

We offer an exceptional turnaround on our cytology services with reports going out within 2 days, but we strive to get the majority of the submissions reported out on same day as receipt.

If you wish to discuss your cytology report we would always endeavor to put you through to the reporting pathologist on the case.

If you require any support or guidance with sample submission for cytology, please phone our team on 01379 854180