The Finn Pathologists Biochemistry, Haematology and Cytology department is made up of a team of highly motivated and skilled laboratory technicians, offering a same day turnaround service on a range of diagnostic tests. The department has a team of clinical pathologists working alongside the technicians, overseeing abnormal results and completing cytology and pathologist haematology reviews.

The laboratory offers a full haematology service including manual differential cell counts, analysis of cell morphology and automated red and white cell values. We can also perform haematology on exotic cases and as such process samples from zoos and wildlife parks. We also offer Coombs testing in-house, buffy coat analysis and free reticulocyte counts, for any anaemic animals.

Coagulation testing can be performed in-house offering PT, APTT and Fibrinogen results using sodium citrate samples. The biochemistry laboratory can process a wide range of chemistry, endocrinology and serology tests and also handles samples sent in for urinalysis. We have an Immulite 2000 analyser to perform endocrinology and a Beckman Coulter AU680 for chemistry testing. The laboratory separates the serum from the whole blood for processing using centrifugation.

Urinalysis is performed offering dip-stick results, sediment examination and urine chemistry. Crystals, cells, casts and bacteria can be identified using an inverted microscopy semi-quantitative technique.