Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets

Written for you by our clinical staff

Fact Sheet 1 - Canine Mast Cell Tumours

There are a plethora of additional tests available to aid further prognostication of canine cutaneous mast cell tumours (MCTs).

Fact Sheet 3 - Splenic Sampling

This fact sheet provides information for the submission of splenic samples for histological examination.

Fact Sheet 5 - Mycobacterial Disease in Pets

In recent years the significance of companion animal infections with mycobacteria has become more apparent.

Fact Sheet 7 - Post-Mortem Examination

This fact sheet aims to provide a guide to performing post mortem examinations (PME) in small animal practice, together with lists of equipment required and how to collect the best quality samples for further tests.

Fact Sheet 2 - Canine Lymphoma

This fact sheet is intended to give you information regarding ancillary testing on canine lymphoma cases.

Fact Sheet 4 - E. cuniculi in Rabbits

A fact sheet detailing the laboratory diagnosis of encephalitozoonosis in pet rabbits.

Fact Sheet 6 - Histopathology Submission Guidelines

This fact sheet briefly outlines the requirements regarding the use of fixatives and the requirements for sample submission to the laboratory.